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There are some general assessed areas which depict worker performance and it includes ability to complete task, organizational and management skills, charisma, efficiency, communication, relationship with others, future goals and many others. Due to its immense importance, we have developed a system designed to not only enhance and monitor the performance but also to incorporate a culture of development and productivity in any organization.

An important goal of ECG Performance Management System is to stimulate the client’s overall growth and development, not just “fix” the problem. The intended audience of ECG Performance Management System is medium to large-scale corporates.

AuroSys ECG is a valued subsidiary of AuroSys Solutions LLC. The holding company provides Research, Development and Technical expertise.

(Founded in 2005, AuroSys Solutions LLC is a New York based leader in end-to-end Product Engineering, Internet of Things, Enterprise Mobility & Web Content Management Solutions AuroSys has delivered excellence for more than 10 years to StartUps, SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies including Unilever, Bombardier, AMD, Boeing, Chevron, ExxonMobil and more. Regardless of your industry, size or platform, AuroSys can help your enterprise or agency transform to produce results.)

Our Culture

At AuroSys, we are surrounded by people who, with an infectious vibe, are driven by passion and not deadlines and which gives us a stress free work environment that fosters creativity and productivity day-in-day-out.

" With a positive work environment and plenty of opportunities to grow, AuroSys pushes our limits and helps us see what we're capable of. The open platform to undertake one's project allows our minds to work free of restrictions and constraints, leading to exponential leaps in creativity and productivity "

AuroSys ECG

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